JET JDP-17DX Drill Press Review: Sturdy Quality

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Woodworkers need a drill press built especially for their craft, and in this Jet JDP-17DX drill press review we’ll explore whether the Jet has what it takes to satisfy both the beginner and the experienced woodworker.

JET JDP-17DX Drill Press Highlights

  • Floor- standing, heavy-duty woodworking drill press
  • 115/230-volt, vibration free motor (16 speeds)
  • 14” x 18” table with dual T-slot grooves
  • Head-mounted twin laser guides
  • Electric work light mounted in head
  • Quick-access motor and poly V-belt drive system
  • 16.5” Swing
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What We Liked About The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press 

  • Sturdy – At over 250 lbs, this drill press isn’t moving anywhere unless you want it to. It easily handles heavy wood and rigorous drilling without a hint of movement. Just be sure to have someone help you with assembly, because it is heavy!
  • Belt System – Although the belt system is manual, it’s very simple to change speeds; just loosen the tension, switch out your belts, and re-tighten the tension. Done.
  • Quality Chuck – Bits secure nicely to the chuck and are just as easily removed. There is some run-out (about a few thousandths of an inch), but is shouldn’t be an issue unless you are doing super-precise woodworking.
  • Large Work Table –  The size of the table is one of the main, non-mechanical features that woodworkers look at when reading drill press reviews, and the JET is sure to impress with its generous 14” x 18” tiltable work table. This is great for large projects, and it definitely stands out from other, non-woodworking-specific presses which often have inadequate work areas.
  • Drill Stop – The drill stop handles smoothly, which makes it easy to pre-set drill depths and achieve uniform holes when performing repeated boring. This feature, along with the wood drill press laser, makes it possible to achieve a high level of accuracy.
  • Powerful Motor- The JET has a strong, 3/4 HP motor with speeds ranging from 200 -3620 RPMs (it doesn’t get much faster than that), which means you can drill through even the hardest woods.
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What We Didn’t Like About The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press 

  • Table Lock – The table lock seems a little bit too small and is difficult to maneuver.
  • Slow Spin-Down – You may not notice unless you are accustomed to working with other drill presses, but the spin-down on the Jet is a tad sluggish. This is not a huge deal, but it can slow you down a bit between adjustments.
  • Laser Light Takes a While to Adjust – It’s rare for a laser light to be perfectly aligned straight out of the box, but even so, it takes a good amount of time to get the Jet’s laser configured. However, if you take the time to do it, it is worth it in the end.

JET JDP-17DX Drill Press Conclusion

The Jet JDP-17DX is being discounted at a wood drill press sale, click here to see the current price. We think this is a great deal considering all the professional-grade elements you are getting (powerful motor, deep drilling, drill stop, etc.). No, it’s not a perfect machine, but it’s ideal for novices (not too complicated), those who want to upgrade, and even for the experienced. We’d venture to say the average, home woodworker will not need any further capabilities and can get years of use out of this drill press.

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