Delta 18-900L Drill Press Review

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Delta 18-900L Drill Press ImageHave you scoured drill press reviews in search of the machine that can take your work to the next level? Well, your search may be over as the Delta 18-900L has some great design elements that are beneficial to both the serious hobbyist and the professional. Let’s explore some of its pros and cons.

Delta 18-900L Drill Press Highlights

  • 3/4 HP motor, floor standing drill press
  • 16 speeds capable of drilling through an assortment of materials
  • Auto-tension belt system
  • 6-inch quill stroke
  • Tilts up to 90 degrees left and right and up to 48 degrees forward
  • Has LED light for viewing and twin lasers for precise drilling
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What We Liked About The Delta 18-900L Drill Press

  • Depth Stop – This drill press controls the depth stop with two push-button nuts. One of them keeps the quill’s position for return, and the other marks the spot for maximum depth. This elegantly simple feature allows you to drill repeated identical holes — great for woodworking.
  • Keyed Chuck – The Delta 18-900L comes with a keyed chuck, which allows for a tight grip on the bit and doesn’t loosen with a lot of torque (unlike some keyless chucks).
  • 6 ” Quill Stroke – One of the deciding factors when reading drill press reviews is the quill stroke. Anyone who has ever struggled with a too-thick piece of wood or fumbled with constantly changing the table height during multi-stage holes knows the importance of adequate stroke. Luckily, the Delta has a 6″ capacity, which is capable of handling almost any job.
  • Solid Build – For a drill press in $1,000 range you expect to get a well-built piece of equipment, and that’s definitely what the Delta provides. It’s constructed with solid metal, and the tight fittings result in minimal vibration and noise. Not to mention, the wide base and extra large table provide an ample, sturdy workspace.
  • Easy Speed Changes – The belts on some presses are a struggle to change, but the Delta makes quick work of the process: just move a lever, slide the belts where you like, and use the auto-tensioning system for tightening. Not only is it easy, but it ensures you have consistent belt tension every time — this is by far one of the best features mentioned in this Delta 18-900L drill press review.

What We Didn’t Like About The Delta 18-900L Drill Press

  • Questionable Runout – Although we’ve found that many users have had absolutely no problems with this drill’s runout, there’s enough instances of complaint to call this feature into question. Some have remedied the situation through tightening and tweaking while others have simply purchased a totally new chuck.
  • Laser light – The laser light is a welcome addition, but it does require some adjustments to make it work properly.
    Delta 18-900L Manual Now Available 

Delta 18-900L Drill Press Conclusion

If you’re used to working with a lower-end model of drill press, you will be thoroughly satisfied with how the Delta 18-900L is able to improve your efficiency. The auto-tensioning and depth stop systems will especially give your work a professional look; not to mention it has a load of features that we didn’t even delve into (16 speeds, easy height adjustment, tilting, LED light, locking levers, user-friendliness, etc.). Whether you truly need such a versatile drill press for sale or if you just want to say you have the best drill press on the market, this Delta will deliver. Click here to learn more about the Delta 18-900L

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